CPV Applications for Telecom

Telecom is an industry that demands authentication of each user, flexibility and speed to do verification, CPV Apps delivers unrivaled access to the data that drives verification process, from Field Executive to Backend department to Management. Flexible, scalable, and powerful, with CPV Apps the possibilities are unlimited.

Android Apps for Field.

Field executives need speed to verify one to another customer. They need instant data to do their task. Therefor this application is useful for them. They can access data instantly, update accordingly,along with capture pictures, information fields to submit and digital signature of the customer.

Instant Notification.

On each update from field, backend verification team will notify instantly for their telephonic re-verification activity. Will receive all informations feeded by Field executive. Not only that from which location, at what time they have updated also will be appeared on their computer screen.

Real Time Report.

The success of any business depending on how and what report you are getting end of the day. CPV Apps provides real time management report which helps to understand average productivity, total data status and many more.

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