Stock & Inventory Management System

Inventory management for growing businesses.

With our powerful inventory control and order management features, you can increase sales and fulfill orders efficiently.

  • Real-time inventory tracking - even between multiple stores/locations.
  • Serial Number Tracking.
  • Wireless or Batch Data-Collecting.
  • Barcode Printing.
  • Expiration Date Tracking.
  • Manufacturer Lot Tracking.
  • Apparel Item Matrix (color/size/style.
  • Item Images.
  • Multi-level Categories.
  • Unit of Measurement Configuration.
  • Shipment Method Configuration.
  • Volume Pricing and Discounts Configuration.
  • Price Levels.
  • Tax Codes and Schedules.
  • Item Code Aliases.
  • Multi-tier Stock Areas.
  • Physical Count/adjustments and Audit Trail for Inventory Adjustments.
  • Stock Transfer.
  • Define Automatic Reorder Points.
  • Define Sales and Purchasing Currency and Price.
  • Powerful FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average and Standard Inventory Valuation Features.
  • Automated SKU Management and Generation.
  • Create Intelligent Workplace!

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